3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Stamped & Tinted Concrete

So you have finally pulled the trigger and decided to get rid of your old concrete and get something new and exciting, like stamped concrete. Now all you need to do is take care of it, so it looks as good as it did the day it was installed for many many years to come.

Most people do not know that when you pick a more decorative design that it takes a small amount of maintenance to keep it looking pretty. When you do not seal your concrete it can start to look dull and even start to experience some deterioration. Here are three ways you can keep your concrete looking beautiful.

1.) Clean it: Sounds simple right? Power washing your concrete is a super easy way to keep everything looking brand new. Power washing typically gets rid of any stains and grime that has settled into the pores. 2.) Seal it: Applying the appropriate sealer to your concrete will help protect it from deterioration and strengthen it against our harsh weather. Sealing your concrete will also make it look like the day it was installed. Be careful not to apply to much or apply to often because the sealer can build up and leave it looking dull instead. We suggest you use a acrylic sealer every three years or so. 3. No Salt: Salt is very harmful to concrete. Even if the salt says it is safe, it can often times cause deterioration in the surfaces and lead to major aesthetic issues. We suggest you use a traction grit, this is a mix of crushed granite and sand that can be found at most hardware stores. This will give your surface traction without the harmful chemicals

Now that you know how to protect your concrete you can get to work. If it all sounds like a little much, you can give Hage Concrete Works a call to help protect your investment.