5 Ways To Add Character To Your Concrete

Many homeowners need to replace the concrete at their property and take the opportunity to add some character to the surface at the same time. There are many ways to add a decorative finish to your concrete. Here are some of Hage Concrete’s most popular.

Tinted and Stamped Concrete: If you want your concrete to resemble stone or brick, tinting and stamping is a great option. There are hundreds of color variations and patterns to choose from. This is a great way to add sophistication to your landscape.

Exposed Aggregate: An exposed aggregate surface is achieved by allowing some of the larger aggregates (rocks) to be exposed on the surface. This is a naturally pebbly surface that offers extra traction, and is a classic look.

Old. St. Paul: New concrete can seem very bright when it is first poured. To give homeowners the ability to have new concrete installed while making it appear aged, Hage created the Old St. Paul finish. This is a terrific option for historic neighborhoods.

Scoring: Scoring is when grooves are etched into the concrete with either a saw or hand tooling. This creates a one of a kind design and look. Through scoring you can make concrete look like small sections of stone, or add a decorative borders to your concrete.

Borders: You can add a lot of character by installing adding borders to your concrete. Brick is the most common choice for borders, but any of the above finishes may be used as well. Borders are a great way to dress up concrete.