Tips To Care for your Concrete and Masonry

Now that Winter is upon us, Hage wants to make sure you know how to care for your concrete and masonry. Following these simple tips can add many years to your concrete/masonry and keep it looking new.

1.) Never use de-icing compounds or chemicals of any kind, including those claiming to be safe for concrete and masonry. Salt is one of the main reasons concrete rapidly deteriorates, especially if it is getting in small cracks or joints.

2.) I know what your thinking. No salt! How are we going to keep our concrete from being slippery and dangerous? We suggest a Traction-Grit (crushed granite) or clean sand is for icy areas. This will give your surface traction without the damaging effects of salt. It can be purchased in most local hardware stores.

3.) Never pound or chip masonry or concrete work with sharp objects such as hammers, picks, shovels, etc. It may be tempting when you have ice on certain surfaces to break it up, but this can often times damage the substrates you are trying to clear off. We would recommend some extra traction grit.

4.) Do not drive heavy equipment, trucks or vehicles over concrete surfaces. This can cause cracks in the concrete, especially if it is concrete that was never meant to be driven on.

Hopefully these tips will help your concrete last many many years!