Why Hage Concrete Hand Tools Joints

In this blog we are going to explain why Hage Concrete Works installs control joints by hand while the cement is still pliable rather than saw-cutting them in after the cement has hardened. Like most projects in the construction industry there are many ways to install concrete. At Hage Concrete Works we like to hand tool our joints for three main reasons.

1.) Prevent Cracking While saw cutting can save a contractor time and money, you take a risk of not getting the cuts in soon enough. Concrete can start to crack within 6-12 hours depending upon the weather. This means if someone does not get the cuts in soon enough that they take the risks of not getting the cuts in before the cracking begins. Hand tooled joints are put into the concrete during the finishing process, immediately telling the concrete where to crack.

2.) No Chips Saw cuts leave very sharp edges on the concrete that are extremely prone to chipping. These chips can lead to further deterioration due to the penetration of water and salt on the remaining vulnerable surface . Hand tooling the joints leaves nice rounded edges that are not prone to chip.

3.) Aesthetics Hand tooling joints not only provides longevity, but also is more aesthetically pleasing. Rounded edges on control joints gives the finished concrete a beautiful look, and for those of us in the industry show that a contractor really cares about the work they do.

A lot of times the craftsmanship and art is taken out of various trades due to difficulty and cost. At Hage Concrete Works we want to provide a finished product that is the highest quality and looks beautiful for a lifetime. Make sure to pay close attention to the details when having work proposed/performed at your home