TechniCrete was developed by Oliver Hage and it is exclusive to Hage Concrete Works. TechniCrete is the ultimate in durability, strength, and beauty. In fact TechniCrete is so superior that we stand behind it one hundred percent with our lifetime guarantee.

Half the secret is in our mix. TechniCrete is created by a combination of an exclusive mix and highly innovative methods of installation. With precise mixtures of cement, water, aggregate, and other admixture, you get the best concrete for all f your concrete needs. TechniCrete is not mass produced, it is mixed and monitored for each individual job according to our specifications and to existing weather/job site conditions.

The other half is our specialized installation process. Our installers are a prestigious, select group of the finest cement finishers who have undergone a thorough apprenticeship program. These highly skilled craftsmen are extensively trained in the proper soil preparation, exact placement and depth of joints, rod reinforcement, and the correct curing and sealing methods.


TechniCrete is guaranteed for lifetime and is also transferable to the next homeowner. For commercial applications, TechniCrete is guaranteed for 25 years. The guarantee covers cracking, scaling and pop outs. Should a problem occur, Hage Concrete Works will replace it free of charge.

TechniCrete embodies a way of doing business at Hage Concrete Works. The company's goal has always been to exceed customer expectations. We stand behind our work, unconditionally