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For well over 70 years, Hage Concrete Works has added to the exterior beauty and functionality of hundreds and thousands of homes throughout the Twin Cities. Every project receives the golden treatment, whether it is one section of sidewalk or a grand stone entrance, if you can dream it, we can build it. Need your existing concrete, brick or stone surface repaired? We do that too. We are proud of our work. Ask us for a list of projects we have competed in your neighborhood.




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About Us

Hage Concrete Works was founded in 1930 by Orville Hage. Hage was built on a foundation of honesty, reliability, and the very finest quality workmanship. From the beginning, Hage Concrete Works has been a leader in the industry. In 1966, Orville's son Oliver Hage (Ole) took over the company and continued his fathers inventive legacy.

Ole Hage was a man who took immense pride in concrete and brought romance to an industry that contained none. Bringing beauty to concrete was not good enough for Ole though. Ole wanted the concrete to last forever, so in 1990 Ole created TechniCrete. TechniCrete is a concrete that provides customers with an exclusive lifetime guarantee against cracking, scaling, and pop outs.

In 2015, Ole's daughter Frances (Franny) Hage took over the company. Franny has been raised with Orville's and Ole's love for concrete and has embodied their visions and embedded them into the Hage Concrete Works you know today.

Hage Concrete Work's continuing success comes from the solid commitment to the cornerstone values set in place in 1930, uncompromising quality, reliability and integrity in every area of business, attention to all details, and the goal to exceed every customer's expectations with craftsmanship that is slightly better than perfect.


We can build anything with concrete. Even lasting relationships.

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